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Today's Meeting

So, today was more of a throw-out-ideas-and-see-if-we-like-them sort of meeting. We talked about getting together some sort of standardized agenda with a few different session topics on it that we can use as a stay-all in case someone forgets to do their agenda, or if there's some problem. This way, we can stay focused and actually come to the group and get writing things accomplish, and leave wanting to go home and write. That's the point of this, right? Right.

I think one of the biggest things is trying to figure out what people want to learn about. Each week, whom ever is in charge of the agenda, will probably want to choose some sort of a learning "topic". Shelly, Michelle and I compiled a sort of ramshackle list of ideas and things that we'd like to start with, and we can always add ideas to this post in the comments, or I can compile a thread over at my board for agenda items. Whatever. I don't have complete noted thoughts, but here's the list I came up with:

Learning Topic Ideas
- Finding an Agent
- Naming Characters
- Character Creation
- Character Psychology
- Writing Processes
- Critiquing Resources
- Publishing Ideas and Recommendations
- Creating Character conflict
- Listing of Resources for specific Topics

Session Ideas for the Agenda
- Freewriting
- Brainstorming
- Brag Time
- Question & Answers about Topics
- Reading/Critique Session

Some other things that we talked about, were coming up with a scheduled rotation for who will take over the Agenda, creating a birthday list for the group, and perhaps a different day/time for a holiday group meeting.

Miss cider I think it'll be up to you to start us out, with all that good stuff you should have on Query Letters, and a whole 'nother week to plan your agenda. Hopefully, this list will help you along with that as well. :)
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