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KC NaNoWriMo Meeting

Hello everyone. The next meeting for our KC Metro group will be this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. at the Whole Foods in Overland Park (the same shopping complex as the Borders we met in originally.) I have elected to move to the Whole Foods because it's dining/cafe area is larger and has couches and BIG tables in a more secluded area so we won't bother anyone with our mayhem. Yes, you can get food and drinks there. I'm personally hoping for matzoh ball soup.

At any rate, I hope to see you all there. I will have information regarding the Kansas City Writers group with me at this meeting. I hope to also have our NaNo goodies by then. They were sent out in batches and most of the others who replied at the same time I did have theirs. I'm hoping that this wasn't an oversight like our forum was.

If you plan on attending, please email me using the address listed for the KC ML and let me know so I can have an accurate headcount in the event the goodies do arrive! (For those reading this via livejournal, contact me at

Thank you all and keep up the good work!
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